Director: Emmanuelle Bercot

Screenplay: Emmanuelle Bercot, Jerôme Tonnerre

Lauren: Emmanuelle Seigner
Lucie: Isild Le Besco
Juliette: Noémie Lvovsky
Seymour: Valéry Zeitou

Running time: 112’
Production: France, 2005
Rating: Not Rated
Gauge: 35mm and DVD (color)
Genre: Drama

Distributor: Strand Releasing


"A dark variation on "All About Eve" updated for the modern era of rock divas, Emmanuelle Bercot's "Backstage" is a gripping drama about a Madonna-like singer and an obsessive fan. Featuring compelling performances by Emmanuelle Seigner as the singer and Isild Le Besco as the disturbed acolyte, the film well captures the psychological complexity of its subject matter".
Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

Lucie is an overly zealous teenage fan of famous pop diva Lauren Waks. Her life revolves solely around her adoration for Lauren. In order to cope with her bleak small-town life with her mother and younger brother, Lucie obsesses over the singer, covering her bedroom walls with images and posters of her mysterious, inaccessible idol. One day, a chance situation allows Lucie to meet Lauren and gain access to the star`s completely unstable life. Gradually their lives intertwine as, with near-operatic intensity, the film delves into the emotional dependency on both sides of cultual celebrity. On the one hand Lucie who uses her idol to find self-valorisation, on the other hand Lauren clutches on to her follower with monstrous avidity. Both Lucie and Lauren are rendered with complexity and realism, as the actresses base their remarkable performances on physical interpretation : body language and gestures are turned into a choregraphy. Using original music recorded by Emmanuelle Seigner herself, director Emmanuelle Bercot explores her fascination with the phenomenon of fans, their irrational behavior and desperate passion.

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