Director: Danièle Thompson
Screenplay: Christopher Thompson, Danièle Thompson

Jessica: Cécile de France
Catherine: Valérie Lemercier
Jean-François: Albert Dupontel
Valentine: Laura Morante
Jacques: Claude Brasseur

Best Supporting Actress (Valérie Lemercier), César Awards (2007)

Running time: 100’
Production: France 2006
Rating: PG-13 (some strong language and brief sexuality)
Gauge: 35mm and DVD (color)
Genre: Comedy

Distributor: Swank Motion Pictures


"Like the best movies inextricably linked to the cities in which they are set… Avenue Montaigne transforms an overwhelming metropolis into a user-friendly village with quirkily appealing characters. And as we become caught up in their personal dilemmas, Paris becomes increasingly cozy, precious and intimate".
Washington Post, Desson Thomson

Jessica is a beautiful and naive girl from the south-east of France. She is extremely close to her grandmother who continuously repeats the same story: when she was young she managed to move up in the world while working as a cleaning lady in a popular luxury hotel in Paris. One day, Jessica decides to go to Paris and finds a job at a cafe frequented by the "tout Paris". Indeed, it is located on Avenue Montaigne, in the wealthy section of Paris. Her customers include an array of artistic figures. A famous soap-opera actress, Catherine Versen, tries to seduce a major Hollywood director, Sobinski, in the hope of getting the part that she believes will radically change her carreer. Jacques Grunberg, an art lover, is about to sell a lifetime's worth of artworks at an auction. Jean-François Lefort, an illustrious classical pianist, is in the midst of a career crisis and refuses to play in the posh concert halls that have invited him. A social and financial gap separates Jessica from each of the others, but her innocence compensates for all the differences and serves to create a rewarding and profound link between the waitress and her clients.

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